Yogyakarta- Surabaya - Bromo - Kawah ijen by train

Bonjour a tois
I join some forums of traveler,..there is a problem to find about transportation that could help you doing your trip. Actually there is an alternative and cheap transportation to do that route, namely by train named Sritanjung it is an economic train.The train start from Setasiun Lempuyangan (Lempuyangan train station Yogyakarta) at 6.00 am in the morning. Make sure you arrive earlier before the time, it will be crowded because this train is the only one which go to Banyuwangi.
Lempuyangan train station (Yogyakarta)
The ticket cost is depend on your destination, because Indonesian train management implement a new policy about the ticket fee. Forget about it,.the fee for the train start from Yogyakarta - Banyuwangi is 35.000 rupiah/person. You will receive a ticket after paying in the station.
Train ticket
It is the image of train ticket, on the red circle is the price of the train fee. Above the circle there is a sentence " NOMOR TEMPAT DUDUK" It means seat number. Did you find your seat number on the ticket..? surely not, it is an economic class train, there is no seat number. It means you could choose your seat freely, on the train you will find people who sell rice, drinks, etc. Stop wishing your trip will be comfortable enough. On the two column above it there are sentences " PURWOSARI " it means you go on the train start from Purwosari train station. Watch sentence " Ke Stasiun : PASURUAN " it means you will stop in Pasuruan train station. Above it there is a word " Lewat SURABAYA GUBENG" it means the train will have transit in Surabaya Gubeng train station before your final destination, in that case is Pasuruan train station.

After leaving for Lempuyangan train station (Yogyakarta), the train will have transit in  " SURABAYA GUBENG  " it is a train station located in Surabaya. It will be arrive in Surabaya Gubeng train station at about 1.00 pm (at noon).
Surabaya Gubeng train station

The engineer will change the locomotive of the train, it takes time about 30 minutes. You could buy some food in the station out there. Becarefull of your stuffs that you left on the train, watch carefully your train track number because in this station has 6 tracks if you take the wrong train you will finish.

If you go Banyuwangi from Surabaya, you have to pay 24.000 rupiah/person. The train leave at about 2.00 pm (at noon). What about people who arrive in the morning or at night from Surabaya airport..? Ahh..it is a big trouble...
Arrive Surabaya Airport in the morning
There is a business class train from Surabaya to Banyuwangi leave at 9.00 am (in the morning). If you do not make it, the economic train above is the final choice. For reducing fee of the taxi from the airport to surabaya gubeng, you can come by to my boarding house in Gebang wetan 25 C Kampus ITS Sukolilo. It is 30 km from the airport, take a taxi is about 100.000 rupiah, then you could go by bemo from my house to Surabaya gubeng 5.000 rupiah/person. It is cheaper than you go directly by taxi from the airport. Some of my french friends do that..

Arrive Surabaya Airport at night
There is  a night business class train from Surabaya-Probolinggo (Bromo) -Banyuwangi (Kawah Ijen). It is the same route as the business class train which left in at 10.30 pm above. The cost of the train normally is about 75.000 rupiah/person it is conditional, the company could change the price anytime without any anouncement before. It will arrive Banyuwangi at 6.00 am (in the morning). For you who stop to Bromo ( Probolinggo) do not sleep, if you do that..ahhh just say good bye to Mount Bromo.

The economic class train named Sritanjung leave Surabaya Gubeng to go Banyuwangi at about 2.00 pm (at noon). In the middle of the trip, it will stop for a while in " PROBOLINGGO " it is the train station to stop for you who want to go Bromo. There is a tourist information centre in the station or you could find transportation on the outside of the station. Attention about the price they will offer to you, it is better yo check your guide before to know the normal price of it.
Probolinggo train station
The final train station is located in Banyuwangi named "KARANGASEM" it is not the final station, but if you want to go Kawah Ijen it is better to stop in this station rather than you stop in Banyuwangi Baru train station near the harbour. It will arrive at about 11.00 pm, if you want to go kawah ijen with my local tour, you could go to my house near the station before climbing up to take a rest for a while.
Karangasem train station
There are lots of transportation that will be ready to get you in the hotel in Banyuwangi city. You can negotiate with them, becarefull the driver probably has been coorperated with some hotels and agencies that will be ready to give you high prices. To go to my house just 1 km from the station, you could go by motorbike by giving the driver 7.500 rupiah/ person. Try to bargain transportation there, they offer you with high price by the reason it has been late of night.


  1. I couldn't find anything about the train from Probolinggo to Banyuwangi,untill now. It does excist!
    Very usefull! thank you.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for all the info above.

    We are planning of taking this train to get to Bromo. Then we wanna head to Bali.

    Do you think we should wait until the next morning to go to Bali ? and if yes, where do you think we should accommodate ?

    Can you tell me the easiest way of getting to Bali Island from Bromo , please?

  3. Hi..
    this train (Sritanjung) will be available at Probolinggo station at about 4 pm.

    You could directly heading to bali easier by this train. You have to stop at Ketapang train station in Banyuwangi, no worry it is the last train station so it will be easy. Walk out the station 200 metres to the Ketapang port. It is better to find a bus from Banyuwangi - Denpasar in front of the station. The bus ticket around 75.000, it is AC bus and included the ticket for the ferry.And arriving Denpasar in the early morning.

    The alternative way, is taking bus from Bayuangga bus station to Banyuwangi. It available anytime and will save your time , you do not need to wait for 4 pm as you catch the train. But it will take a bigger risk for scam. Normally the bus driver will drop you at some places then he told you to change the bus and so on.
    I recommend to take train for easy.

  4. Selamat malam Ganda,
    I am living in Balikpapan / Kalimantan and really appreciate your explanation!
    We are planning to go to Bromo and after that take the train to go to Yogja. Do you know if there are daily trains in this direction because I always read people travelling from yogja to Bromo, not the opposit!

  5. Hi,,Pascal
    The same train named Sritanjung (Banyuwangi-Probolinggo-Surabaya-Yogyakarta). leaving Banyuwangi at 6 am, and will arrive at probolinggo approximately at 11.30 am then continued to Surabaya - Yogyakarta. It is economic train 35.000 IDR/Person. Latest policy you need to book the ticket in advance. I suggest to buy the ticket at Probolinggo station when you arrive probolinggo to make sure you have a seat. Also 1 seat for 1 person, it make more comfortable.
    Hope it is helpful

  6. Bonjour

    Ces informations sont très utiles.

    Mais savez-vous à quelle heure le train au départ de Yogyakarta à 6H arrive à Probolinggo ?

    Pouvons-nous avoir un trajet direct pour Cemoro Lawang de Probolinggo ? Où faut-il prévoir une nuit à Probolinggo?

    Je vous remercie d'avance pour votre retour.

  7. Bonjour
    Train Sritanjung maintenant quitté aroun 07h30 de Lempuyangan Gare Yogyakarta, besoin de réserver à l'avance, la réservation en ligne n'est pas disponible via le site Internet. Vous devez diriger livre à la gare. Vous serez arrivée à 16h30 à Probolinggo, prendre un Bemo au terminal de bus Bayuangga puis minibus à Cemara Lawang. Il est risqué d'aller directement, vous aurez probablement impliqué dans la pratique de la fraude.

    Un bon endroit pour séjourner à Probolinggo est rumah Wahidin, hôtel agréable, propre et prix worthed

  8. Hi, this post is a big hep. really.
    By the way, I'm Kirk from Philippines.
    On first week of december, I'll be visiting Indonesia and explore java.
    flying from jakarta to yogyakarta and explore borobudur......
    Now, want to go to the Kawa Ijen from Yogya...
    Correct me if im wrong. according to your post,
    I will go to Lempuyangan Train Station to go to Banyumangi train station (nearesr train station to Kawa Ijen)? Question, how long is the travel time from Yogya to Banyumangi Train Station..
    Is it still operational up to this moment? pls pls help me. Thanks in advance

  9. And additional question.
    Do you know what is the time schedule from Banyumangi Train Station to Probalingo Train Station... how much and how long is the travel time?
    Thanks in advance sir/mam! :)

    1. Dear Kirk,
      Yes, due to the train was economic class, you need to buy directly to Lempuyangan station. Buy your ticket at least 2 days before, the train name Sritanjung leave at around 7.30 am need 16 hours head to banyuwangi (cost 50.000), aircon each wagon. Instead you will visit Bromo, i personally advise to do Bromo first. This train also stop at Probolinggo. The next day you could take train to Banyuwangi from Probolinggo, train available at 11.30 am and 4.30 pm. For more information, you could reach me on contact button on the page bottom.
      Thank you

  10. Dear Mr. Merisiyanto,
    After visiting Ijer, wich are the transportation possibilities to Surabaya airport?

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      Train possible at 8.30 am, train name Mutiara Timur Siang arrive Surabaya at 4.30 pm.
      You need to stop at Wonokromo train station (Surabaya) due to it is closer to the airport, then take a taxi or local bus to the airport.

  11. Dear Ganda,
    How long trip takes by train from Yogyakarta to Probolingo.
    To get bus from Probolingo to Cemoro Lawang to I have to move from Probolingo train station to Probolinggo Bus Terminal Bayuangga or just try to catch it near train station?
    Thank you in advance

  12. Hi Valdas,
    Train Yogyakarta - Probolinggo (7.30 am - 04.00 pm)
    From train station you should take a bemo to Bayuangga Bus Terminal (3,000 IDR)
    Then change Local bus to Cemara Lawang (35,000 IDR)

  13. Hi Ganda,

    I will travel from Yogyakarta - Bromo - Ijen - Bali this coming April 2015.
    I'm so thankful to find this complete information for this route because i'm travelling solo.

    My question is:
    1. To go to Ijen Crater which station should I stop. Is it Krangsaem Station or Banyuwangi Baru Station?
    2. What time should I arrive at the Banyuwangi and what bus should I take to reach the town?
    3. From Banyuwangi the next day, what time the train arrive to go to Ketapang Station?
    4. From Probolinggo Train Staion, I should take a bemo to Bayuangga Bus Terminal and catch a local bus to Cemoro Lawang. Can you advise which Bemo and Bus should I take.

    Thank you in advance!




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