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Now i will describe about train schedule from Banyuwangi to Bromo, there are several train that could take you to Probolinggo ( Bromo) from Banyuwangi.

Economic class train " Sritanjung"
Leaving from Banyuwangi Baru train station ( near Ketapang Horbour) at 6.00 in the morning, it has a route   started  from Banyuwangi - Probolinggo - Surabaya -Yogyakarta. The price is about 25.000 rupiah/ person, it is the cheap one to go to Bromo from Banyuwangi.

Banyuwangi Baru train station
Business class train " Mutiara Timur Pagi"
It leaves for Banyuwangi Baru at about 08.30 am, it's route Banyuwangi - Probolinggo - Surabaya. it is faster than Sritanjung and surely more expensive, it's price about 75.000 rupiah/person.

Economic class train "Probowangi"
It leaves at about 12.30 pm, start from Banyuwangi Baru train station and taken a route Banyuwangi - Probolinggo. The ticket price is 20.000 rupiah/person.

Here is some tips that could be usefull when you are in Bromo. It is taken from Lonely Planet Forum that posted by Pandu who work for Tourism Office.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are Pandu & Kholid. We work for Tourism Information Centre of Probolinggo City. It located on KH. Masyur Street, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia (in directly face to face of Probolinggo Train Station). We already open from 08.00 am-04.00 pm in every day.
In this good time, we would like to give some responses regarding to the negative issues which included in the book of Lonely Planet on 9th edition of Indonesia, page 245 (Probolinggo Problems).
We are really surprised when some tourists have came to our office and showing us the book of Lonely Planet which contains some problems in probolinggo. Actually it makes us feel bad. It will affect the image of Probolinggo, and Mount Bromo tourism object especially.
Honestly, the problems is true and it remains exist at this time. Nevertheless, our government isn’t reluctant to give any proper treatment to face against the problem.
We just want to share for tourist who really wants to visit Probolinggo and Mount Bromo. As the problem that has had shaped perfectly, the tourist shouldn’t accept all information offered and its price by local travel agency. They will make the price in double, especially for foreigners. Actually, the tourist has a power to make bargaining position to the public transportation’s driver, ojek, guide, rent of jeep and horse, and illegally travel agency.
We attempt to include our official price and tariff in regard visiting Mount Bromo:
• From Probolinggo Train Station, visitors could use Angkot/Public Transportation   letter D to Bayuangga Bus Station for about Rp. 5.000/person.
• From Bayuangga Bus Station (Probolinggo City) to Cemoro Lawang Village (Sukapura District) for about 45 Km or 1 hour, by car (Bison/MPU) for Rp. 25.000/person.
• From Cemoro Lawang Village to Mount Bromo, visitors could rent a Jeep for Rp. 250.000, or rent a motorcycle (ojek) for about Rp. 15.000, ride the horse for Rp. 100.000, or just walk for only 30 Minutes.
And we’re glad to thank a lot if you don’t mind to mention our office on your papers, it’s an actually free centre of tourism information.
Thank you.

Pandu (+623356856277) & Kholid (+6281336699011)
Probolinggo City Tourism Information Centre
KH. Mansyur street
(In direct front of Probolinggo Train Station)
Probolinggo City, East Java, Indonesia 

Here is the link Pandu's post on Lonely Planet Forum


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