How Women Travel to Indonesia Should be ?

Almost western women travel to Indonesia with pair face no problem moreover she go together with her couple along. But for women solo traveller you need to be more aware due to you probably will get more attention especially at public places. While Indonesian men are very courteous but it will not guarantee that they did nothing on you. Lewd comments, tease, verbal hassle, those such things you probably get but totally ignore them. Most of them will say by local dialect that you don't understand. Eye contact for your whole body will become irritating action.

What outfit properly suit for you?
Women Covered Travellers
Depend on the region where you will be, different culture and local norm are variety between the region. Bali is away the most tolerance for women's outfit, T-shirt, hot pants, women solo walk are common. While in Java which dominated by muslim people it will be more stricted compared Bali. It is better for women to wear clothes cover up your legs and arms, tight suit better to be avoided to wear to lessen men harrasment. In Aceh region (North Sumatra) implement the most stricted Islam norm as UEA, cover up whole your head, legs, and arms is a must. Any kind of tight outfits are really prohibited, Islamic polices are ready to catch you up for those violences.

Tips to Lessen The Harrasement
Basic things you should keep on mind is do not wear such outfit that possibly attract men's attention. It is better for you to have boyfriend or friend to meet you soon on site. If doing that is impossible for you, try to blend with local by chat with them, surely mastering some Indonesian word will be helpfull. It will make men hard to get closed and embarrese to do such irritating action to you. Wearing hat or black sunglasses will help you to lessen eye contact, in some case kids by your side will effectively avoid you from hassle due to men thought you already married and your husband will be with you around.


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