Surabaya - Probolinggo - Banyuwangi by Bus

June, 14th 2013
Depart at Juanda International Airport at 6 am, with the hard rain in Surabaya.  Here i want to share how to travel by bus Surabaya - Probolinggo - Banyuwangi safely with no scams and surely normal price.
The basic rule must you understand " There is no direct bus from Surabaya to Banyuwangi ", what we have to do is make the travel with transit and change bus. 

Juanda Airport - Bungurasih Bus Terminal

Take a DAMRI bus in front of the arrival gate, some people offer you a cab with the same price with DAMRI bus. Believe me this bus is a good choice, a bus managed by the government, far away from scams probably did by cab driver. 
- Juanda Airport to Bungurasih
- Air Conditioner
- Professional driver
- Comfortable seat
- Friendly  officers
- 25 Minutes take

IDR 20.000 / person
Bungurasih Bus Terminal  - Probolinggo Bus Terminal
Around 3 hours travel in economic bus with no air conditioner, traffic, make time run slower tahn normal. I recommend to take a bus with the AC if you travel at noon, the sun was very hot. Economic cost  IDR 14.000 / person and AC IDR 25.000 / person. If you want to continue to Cemara Lawang (Bromo), you need to change with local bus called "bison" cost started from IDR 25.000 / person.

Probolinggo Bus Terminal - Jember
Rule is a rule, there is no bus directly to Banyuwangi even some busses has written Probolingg0 - Banyuwangi on their front. What we experienced was, the bus will stop you in Jember and leave you at this station even you have paid for it until Banyuwangi. Take an economic bus with only IDR 14.000 / person and with AC IDR 23.000 / person.  Travel time need 3 hours on the road.

Jember - Banyuwangi Bus Station

This is longer time take to travel, 4 - 5 hours accordance with the traffic. Truck accident often happen when cross trough " Gumitir Area". Steep track, crowded traffic, and curves along the way go to Banyuwangi. Economic bus rate IDR 20.000 / person and with AC IDR 30.000 / person.


  1. Hi, my friends and I will go to Surabaya frm malaysia this saturday. We will be arriving in Juanda Airport at 6pm. Do you think we can get to Probolinggo in the sameday? What time is the last bus heading to Probolinggo from Bungurasih terminal? Thank you very much! your post helps alot.

    1. Hi jacksjye! How was your trip? Mind sharing it? I will be going to Surabaya-bromo from Malaysia in November.

  2. Hi Jacksjye
    It is possible to get to Probolinggo at the sameday, but it will be too late night to get bus directly from Probolinggo to Cemara Lawang (Bromo Area) as the last bus to Cemara Lawang at 4 pm.
    The bus from Surabaya to Probolinggo run every hour, the last bus at 11 pm.

    1. Hi, I will be arriving at surabaya gubeng station around 10pm on May 2015, do you think i am able to catch the last bus from Surabaya to Probolinggo? Thank you.

  3. Hi Ganda,
    Is there a nigh train from Yogyakarta (Lempuyangan) to Probolinggo? If so, how do I book for the ticket?

  4. Is there still no direct bus from Surabaya to Banyuwangi?

  5. Hi, may i know whether there is direct bus or train from Probolinggo Bus Terminal to Surabaya Gubeng Train Station? Because i would like to tkae train from surabaya to yogyakarta. thanks!

    1. Hi Shaun,,
      I noticed that you will go to Yogyakarata, there is a train name SRITANJUNG departure in Probolinggo around 11.30 am (it is a direct train to Yogyakarta that will cost 100k). This train also make stop over in Surabaya, for the same price.



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