Saturday, December 1, 2018

Kawah Ijen Closed 2019 ?

A massive promotion in tourism made very good exposure for Banyuwangi, it was also affect Kawah Ijen as the main natural destination in the area. More than 2.000 people hiked Kawah Ijen everyday, it could be double on the weekend and national holiday.

Kawah Ijen today has already over crowded and very touristique, so that the government made new policies to prevent over crowded visitors.

1. Only Not More Than 1.000 Visitors Per Day

Banyuwangi government will only printed not more than 1.000 ticket per day, it was done to make the nature not  too load so many people and increased safety.

2. Totally Closed Once Per Month

To make a mother earth totally rest, Kawah Ijen will be closed totally once in a month. Every friday on the first week of the month. Shut down schedule 2019 :

- January 4th 2019
- February 1st 2019
- March 1st 2019
- April 5th 2019
- May 3rd 2019
- June 7th 2019
- July 5th 2019
- August 2nd 2019
- September 6th 2019
- October 4th 2019
- November 1st 2019
- December 6th 2019

Those are two policies which will be implemented on 2019 about Kawah Ijen, please give more appreciation to the mother nature.

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