Saturday, December 1, 2018

Kawah Ijen Entrance Ticket Will Be Sold Online On 2019

Banyuwangi - for visitors to Kawah Ijen will be able to buy ticket online on 2019, it makes to book the ticket easier in advance. There will be a limitation for the ticket sold everyday, Not More Than 1.000 ticket/day. The ticket will be able to book on online travel agent trough internet, it for trial on January 2019 will be provided 100 printed ticket on Paltuding.

We advise you have to plan very well about your travel in advance, it will be impossible to show up right at the location and buy the printed ticket as before. Limited ticket will reduce the average visitors everyday, it will make a positive impact either for nature and tourists.

Massive tourism promotion few years ago by government, made Kawah Ijen so popular and crowded. On the weekend could be 2.000 people visit the volcano on the same day. It is not good for the nature, overcrowded visitor also decrease the safety. Kawah Ijen also will be totally shut down once in a month, nature also need a rest.

" Let's support responsible tourism and put more respect to the nature."


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