Sunday, December 2, 2018

Traditional Coffee Roasting, Banyuwangi, East Java

KAMPUNG KOPI GOMBENGSARI - located just below the foot of Mount Ijen, the Gombengsari area, Kalipuro has thousands of hectares of etawa coffee gardens and goat farms. That is why this area is very well known for its processed coffee and pure etawa goat milk.

Visitors to Gombengsari Village can participate directly in the traditional coffee processing process. This local coffee is called Kopi Lerek Gombengsari (KOPILEGO). After getting tired of going around the garden and processing coffee beans, you can relax in the deserted hall to brew Gombengsari's specialty coffee. There is also a coffee powder souvenir center that you can take home as a family souvenir.

Etawa Goat Farming and Coffee Tour

Besides coffee producers, Gombengsari is also known as the best producer of pure etawa goat milk in Banyuwangi. The villagers maintain etawa goats in almost every house, they can sell milk and compost from goat manure.

As tourism promotion intensified, now village youth began to return to their hometown to raise etawa goats and engage in coffee education tours. Previously they preferred to work in the city because of higher wages, now by being involved in local coffee education tours and selling authentic Gombeng coffee products from the wheel of the community economy to be better.

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We could take for  a coffee garden tour, getting to know the types of coffee, picking coffee (at harvest), learning to process coffee traditionally (roasting, pounding, until brewing), milking goat's milk, giving drink to goats with pacifiers. In addition there are also community arts in the form of patrol music and fire football ( Available only during festival).

How To Book The Activities

Traditional coffee roasting activity could be added to as an extra activity during your visit in Banyuwangi, due to its location is close to Kawah Ijen that would be great to visit and do the tour before going up to Kawah Ijen. It could be mixed with our regular Kawah Ijen Tour Packages.

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