Sunday, December 2, 2018

Authentic Traditional Life In Kebon Dadap Village

Javanese Typical Traditional Cooking 
Another option to stay before you hike Kawah Ijen, Stay in Kebon Dadap Village (Hosted by Hasim Family). The village itself laid down right at the foot of Kawah Ijen, surrounded by coffee plants tree and green forestry. As the location is quite remote, do not expect to stay connected to the wide web world. But it will be fun to get connected to the local people to understand more about how their daily life.

Do Local Jobs

Join local on their daily jobs, the activities would vary depending on the farming season. Guests could join on rice harvest, help on picking the dragon fruits, feeding animals, or even processing coffee traditionally. Explore the village and get closer to locals, it has also a natural pool that you could swim on. It is like a private pool in the middle of nowhere.

Join Local On Peanuts Harvest

Local Dine

After helping the host cooking the meal, it is time to dine. Try homemade cook, a specialty from the host and typical Javanese cooking. Rice always,, yes as Indonesian we cannot eat without rice. 

To get this real authentic life experience, tell our customer service that you want to stay in Kebon Dadap Village and guided by Hasyim or Agus.

Coffee and Rubber Plantation Tour


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