Kawah Ijen Adventure - 3D/2N

Kawah Ijen Adventure
Kawah Ijen Adventure - A Complete visit of Kawah Ijen for 3 Days / 2 Nights, we will show you the sulfur factory to understand more about how the sulfur rocks at Kawah Ijen will be proceed. We also will take trekking to the rice paddies to get closer to the locals. Plantation tour at the end of the day, with Kawah Ijen Sunrise Tour as the last activity.

Day 1 - Pick up and Village Exploration

Picking you up from Banyuwangi area at midday then directly drive to our village where your local host welcoming you with sincere smile. Rest up a bit to have a cup of coffee, walk around the village area. Rice paddies walk in the area and join local activities like farming and rice planting. Tasting fresh coconut directly from its trees, visiting ex sulfur miner family in the village to learn about his life story being a sulfur miner.

Rice Paddies Walk and Join Local Farming

Day 2 - Sulfur Processing & Plantation Tour

This place is hidden, located nearby Kalibendo Plantation, right in the middle of coffee plantation. This place used for purifying the sulfur stones from Kawah Ijen. Sulfur which mined in Kawah Ijen was a raw material contained of sulfur and dirt, it needs to be melted and purified to get pure sulfur that were ready for sell for industries. Pure sulfur can be used for bleaching sugar and cosmetic in fact it is good for your skin but really bad for your lung.

This processing unit used to be located close to Sulfur Weighing Post in Kawah Ijen, due to a environmental reason it was moved in the middle of coffee plantation. Sulfur purifying was done by burning out the sulfur rocks which cause plant and trees around were die due to toxic sulfur gas.

After visiting the sulfur factory, we are going to explore Kalibendo Plantation to see rubber extraction directly from the trees. See the coffee plantation and chill out in the middle of the plantation. Continue to go to Jagir waterfall, a nice waterfall for swimming and river trekking.

Day 3 - Kawah Ijen Sunrise Tour and Blue Flame

Wake up early morning at around 01.00 AM to start hiking to Kawah Ijen for the sunrise. Prepare your warm clothes and proper shoes, hike to Kawah Ijen for 1 hour walk to the steep track. See the sunrise and enjoy the landscape of the volcano. Meet the strongest man in the world who carry 80 Kg of sulfur rocks on their back. Getting back down to the crater, we will stopover at Sulfur Weighing Post, this is a place where the sulfur miner get paid for the sulfur they have already carried from the volcano. The truck will collect all the sulfur to get proceed to the Sulfur Factory In Licin.

Getting back to the village, have a breakfast, we will drop you off back to Banyuwangi. We can drop you off to Banyuwangi Airport, Ketapang Ferry, Hotels nearby, and train station so that you can continue to your next destination.

Kawah Ijen On Sunrise

Where To Stay

You will stay together with local family in the village, cook and smile together with them. You will get a true feeling of  staying in the middle of the locals, way far from touristic place like Bali. A unique experiences that probably you won't find in Europe. By using the local house as accommodation will give a direct impact for their economic. It is better than giving the money to the big hotels in the city.

Stay With Local Family In The Village

Meeting & Pick Up

Default Meeting point is In Banyuwangi Area, we can pick up guest from Banyuwangi City (Train Station, Harbor, Bus Station, and Hotels). Pick up time 10.00 AM from Banyuwangi Area. It is also possible to pick you up from Bali, optional pick up from Pemuteran, Ubud, Denpasar, and others.

What To Bring

  • Warm clothes
  • Jacket
  • Proper trekking shoes
  • Personal medication (optional)
  • Candy (optional), There are kids in the village, you can share with them to make them happier
  • The tour is not available for traveler with disability, pregnancy, and breathing difficulties

Contact us to get further information about price, availability, and reservation. For last minute, guests could reach us by WhatsApp for faster response.

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booking, guest could reach us by WhatsApp for faster response.

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