Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, East Java


Mount. Bromo, a 2300-meter high volcano in Java, Indonesia. A Mount Bromo sunrise tour at this active volcano is the highlight of your trip to Java. It is surrounded by a wide-stretched sea of sand where most visitors drive around with a 4×4 jeep. The volcano is active almost every 5 years and the lava always stayed inside. Bromo can be visited in many ways and the visit can be done by young and old. This is everything you need to know about a Bromo tour. For the temperature it is extremely cold at night, make sure you have a proper jacket and warm clothes.

Is Hiring Jeep Be A Must..?
As the location from Accommodations to Penanjakan Sunrise View Point is quite far away, hire a jeep is better than a walk. Private car or motorbikes are not allowed to go to Bromo area, so that hiring a jeep is a good way to do sunrise tour at Mt. Bromo. We can easily book the jeep trough the hotel or negotiate the the jeep driver directly to get the best price. Just randomly ask the locals you meet, they will show you how to get a jeep.

Mount Bromo By Walk

Most of tourists go to Penanjakan View Point for the best sunrise view by jeep easily, but if you love walking you can go to Bromo Crater For Sunset. Then going to Seruni View Point the next day started from 3 am, heading to King Kong Hill by walk trough the hidden path for sunrise sight seeing. After sunrise we walk back to Cemara Lawang area while enjoying the local farm around the area.

To do this activity, it will be better to start from Surabaya/Malang in the morning roughly at around 9-10 AM, good physical condition is a must as we will do a lot of walk.

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  1. Bromo Sunrise At Penanjakan View Point
    This is one of a must to do when you visit Mount Bromo, jeep ride from the hotel started from 3 AM. Started earlier could be better, mostly really crowded at the high season. Even it will be hard to get a good photo spot as the view point full of tourists.

  2. King Kong Hill
    It is another view point located below Penanjakan, it could be an option to be visited for the sunrise during high season. King Kong Hill mostly less tourists, so that you can take your time to enjoy the landscape of the volcano.

  3. Bromo Savana
    You could visit this green savana after hiking Bromo Crater, make a deal earlier with your jeep driver to include savana as mostly they provide Penanjakan Sunrise as a default package.
Most tourists wake up early morning to do Bromo Sunrise Tour At Penanjakan View Point, if you want to do more activities try to do Mount Bromo Midnight Tour, the landscape of the milky way over Bromo Volcano also stunning.

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Mount Bromo can be reached  either from Malang and Probolinggo. The most popular way is coming from Probolinggo City. The easiest way to get to Probolinggo is coming by train, it is cheap, reliable, and comfortable. The trains are available from Yogyakarta, Malang, and Surabaya, there are many choices of trains. For more detail you can also read our travel tips about How To Get To Probolinggo By Train.

Arriving at Probolinggo City, we need to go to Cemara Lawang Area (This is the closest place from Mount Bromo). As a base for starting Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour, Cemara Lawang provided by many accommodations and places to eat here are easy to find.

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The best time to visit Mount Bromo is at Dry Season is during the dry season which spans from May to September as it might often cloudy all day at Rainy Season. One of the best time to visit Mount Bromo at Yadnya Kasada Festival,  it is a festival that do offering to Mountain God which held once in a year.


Cemara Lawang area is the most popular base to do Mt. Bromo, Check out Cemara Indah Hotel Bromo. This could be the closest hotel from Bromo, even you can see the Bromo Volcano from the hotel terrace. Actually there are many accommodations in the area with a varied price and facilities, from cheap homestays like Wisma Yog Bromo Guesthouse to luxury resort such Jiwa Jawa Bromo Resort. There are many cheap guesthouse run by local that are not listed online, you just need to knock the door and directly negotiate the room price.

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