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The story began from a bunch of engineering college students made a social project for kawah ijen miners in the village. Those short term project finally stuck due to lack of funding from the government. An idea came up to use any local's resources to empower locals. Corporated with locals we established local based tour operator for foreign tourists with first destination was surely Kawah Ijen. 


Great satisfaction and travelers request motivated us to do the same things to other destination outside of Kawah Ijen. Ijen Miner, is not only about business but also how to develope locals, support the community and giving visitors unforgetable experiences trough our researched, flexible, and well design local itineraries.

Today, Ijen Miner become growing company with supported by local on each destination we have covered. Continues research and improvement for better and better services. 


We came up with unique concept of "How to Organize Tours", Basic principle of how we organize tour is integrate all local resources they have then formulate them to be local itineraries. Itineraries that involve locals and visitors make a relationship and communicate. 

Customizeable Packages

Came up with independent tour package on each destinations we have covered. Tour packages that you could customize as you wish depend on your interest, passion, budget and your own travel plan. Start your travel from place you prefer to go first and set up where it would be finished.

Flexible booking

Transport integration used from airline, rail, bus, and car. Motorbiking for lone ranger traveler make easy to transfer place to place. Our locals on site will always available to welcome you at their home sweet home. Book our tour anydate, started from anyplace, we guaranteed will always be space for you. 

Original Itineraries

We design our own itineraries trough on site research, design to give you unique experience, bring you closer to local life and a pleasant stay.

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Don't be hesitate to drop us a message about your questions and enquiries related to our services as clearly as possible. Our staff will get back to you with answer within 24 hours.


Jalan Stasiun Karangasem A7, Banyuwangi, 68431

Office Hour:

Monday - Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm




+62 81 259 111 535 (WhatsApp)

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