Our Story

Social Project - 2009

The story began from a bunch of engineering college students made a social project for kawah ijen miners in the village. We gave them basic english knowledge in order to be able to communicate with foreigners at Kawah Ijen. Those short term project finally stuck due to lack of funding from the government. An idea came up to use any local's resources to empower locals. Corporated with locals we established local based tour operator for foreign tourists with first destination was surely Kawah Ijen.

Local Empowerment - 2010

We found a way to empower local resources into tourism business, by using their own house as accommodation and employed them as local tour guides. These will give them extra income by hosting guests to their home and also be their tour guide. For guests, this became a rare opportunity to know more about local life. Stay with local family at a peaceful village, join them on their daily activities, and guided by local will give guests experiences of real Indonesian life.

Business Expansion - 2011

Our main destination package was Kawah Ijen, our locals are former sulfur family at Kawah Ijen. On 2015 Kawah Ijen was totally closed due to volcanic activity increased, jobless for almost 5 months was not good for our people. We found a way to expand the business by involving more destinations such Mount Bromo, Malang, Yogyakarta and many more so that our local still have an extra income.

Business Development - 2013 Till Today

We were really high motivated to involve more locals in our company, we built more sister companies in tourism industries and employed more locals to join us. Today we have already 20 locals joined as accommodation provider, tour guide, and driver.

Founder message : Let's come to join our tour, we are ready to welcome you with a sincere smile as a family. Contribute to local people as a part of responsible tourism, share experience, and build relationship. We could not go around the world, so let the world come to us...!

Let's Talk Here!

Let's Talk!

Tell us anything about your plan, travel budget, even customize tour,our local expert will get back to you with answer as soon as possible. For last minute deal reach us by whatsapp for faster response.


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