What You Can Expect From Joining Our Tour..?

The story began from a bunch of engineering college students made a social project in 2010 for Kawah Ijen miners in the village. We gave them basic English knowledge to be able to communicate with foreigners at Kawah Ijen. Those short-term projects finally stuck due to a lack of funding from the government. An idea came up to use any local resources to empower locals. Corporated with locals we established a locally based tour operator for foreign tourists with our very first destination being Kawah Ijen. 

So what exactly you can expect from joining our tour..? What makes us unique..?

Hosted By Local Family

Stay with local families in a peaceful village, we came up with the idea of One Guest One Family so there will be no other tourists you don't know stay together in the same place. It will make in-depth connections between guests and the host. Feeling like you find a new family during your travel journey, join them in cooking Java's specialty for dinner. 

Stay with local family in the village 

Guided By Local

Instead of taking a random guide at Kawah Ijen most of them has limited communication skill in English, our local guide will not only show you the best photo spot for your Instagram feed. They also tell you every detail of the mining, from history to talking about the humanity in the mining just name it.

While not only taking you to Kawah Ijen, they will also let you feel the real Indonesian local life, from visiting rubber plantations to joining them in their daily activities such as rice farming and swimming at the nearby waterfall.

Explore the village, feel the real Indonesian life

Supporting Local

By using local houses as accommodation we can directly support the local economy in the village, we thought this is a better way than giving the money to the rich by staying at the luxurious hotels and resorts in the area.

We also hire locals to be a driver and tour guides, by doing this we expect to help locals in the area to have better jobs. So that they can provide meals on the table, and pay their kid's tuition fee for better education. Staying with locals and being guided by them will give you authentic experiences that will not you get when booking at the hotel.

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