Kawah Ijen

Kawah Ijen Volcano, Banyuwangi, East Java


Kawah Ijen or Ijen Crater located on Banyuwangi, East Java, it's elevation 2.250 meters. To reach the crater rim is doable by walk, you need to walk a steep track for about 1.5-2 hours from Paltuding as a starting point. Kawah Ijen is still active producing sulfur so that the volcano is very toxic, not recommended for travelers who has breath problem to get down to the crater rim. The temperatures in Java are consistently warm year-round, with average daily temperatures hovering around 28-30°C, but the temperature at Kawah Ijen is colder, especially at night in the dry season can reach 5°C. The best time to visit Kawah Ijen is during the dry season which spans from May to September. In the rain season, sometimes the volcanic activity of Kawah Ijen is getting higher makes the toxic gas become more dangerous.

Is Hiring A Tour Guide Necessary..?
Practically, Kawah Ijen is doable without a tour guide. In fact there is only one way so you will not get lost. But if you want to make sure your safety, hire a local guide would be a good decision. Moreover if you want to get real authentic experience, book a tour with us is a must. As our tour guide is a local and former sulfur carrier who know well about Kawah Ijen as their own play yard. Our tour guide also will ask you to join local daily activities such as farming and show you the hidden part of the area. Our guide also will take you to stay in the village and join the locals to do their daily activities.

Exploring The Village That Located Right Under Ijen Volcano


  1. Blue Fire Phenomenon, this is the main attraction. Everybody booked our best seller [ackage Kawah Ijen By Night Package to be able to see the blue fire, but the latest update after the increasing volcanic activity the government decide to close the access to get down to the crater bottom for tourists due to safety reason. Blue Fire Is it natural or not..?
  2. If you are not a big fan of midnight hike, you could start the hike later. Kawah Ijen acid lake is a stunning view and best reward after a tiring hike.
  3. Kawah Ijen also a place for traditional sulfur mining, on the way hike you will meet the strongest men who can carry 60-100 Kg of sulfur rocks on their back only using a bamboo basket.
  4. There are few places around Kawah Ijen you should not miss to be visited. Try to go to Blawan Hotspring, it has a pool that has a natural hot water contained of sulfur (came up from Kawah Ijen). It is also good for skin treatment, check out our combine tour package for Kawah Ijen Xplore
Most of tourists focus only for seeing the phenomenon blue fire and the sunrise, almost forget about exploring how the local daily life would be. Knowing how the local survive under the foot of the active volcano would become an interesting experiences. Kawah Ijen Adventure, a tour package that will let you know how the local daily life and join them on their daily routine.

How To Get There

Find the best way to get to reach Kawah Ijen from Banyuwangi, you can also reach Kawah Ijen from Bondowoso but we recommend to reach it from Banyuwangi as it is easier and well connected by public transport. For more info for train schedule, please check out our travel tips sections.

By Train
  • Malang (ML) - Banyuwangi (BW)
  • Surabaya (SGU) - Banyuwangi (BW)
  • Probolinggo (PB) - Banyuwangi (BW)
Banyuwangi has two train stations, if you have already booked accommodation in the heart of the city you have to be stop at Banyuwangi Kota Train Station. Another station is Banyuwangi Baru located only 10 minutes walk to Ketapang Ferry Port.

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By Ferry
  • Gilimanuk Bali - Ketapang Banyuwangi
The ferry available for 24 hours, you can go anytime. Mostly take 45-60 minutes to cross by the ferry, the ferry ticket roughly cost IDR 20.000 per person. Ticket sold online or directly buy at the ticket counter on the spot.


Tourism industry was promoted massively by the  local government trough international event which make so many big hotels come up. You have many options for you to choose Where To Stay In Banyuwangi . From a budget hostel to brand new star hotels, if you are coming to Banyuwangi by train there are some cheap homestays around. We recommend you to stay in a local homestays to contribute directly to local economic.

Family room completed with bathtub, tv, couch at Betah Homestay Banyuwangi

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